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Happy Clients


Jackson Lake Lodge, Grand Teton National Park


Jackson Lake Lodge, Grand Teton National Park


Spring Creek Ranch, Jackson, WY

Hayden's Post, Snow King Resort, Jackson, WY

Barker-Ewing Float Trip, Grand Teton National Park

Handfire Pizza, Jackson, WY

Moulton Bar, Mormon Row, Grand Teton National Park

Schwabacher's Landing, Grand Teton National Park

The Wort Hotel, Jackson, WY

The Silver Dollar Bar, Jackson WY

Hatch, Jackson, WY

"Kjera our wedding planner is an absolute jewel. Her hard work, professionalism, and kindness made our daughter's wedding a beautiful success. She takes care of every detail to perfection and helped keep us and every aspect of the wedding on track. I would highly recommend Kjera and it was a pleasure working with her and getting to know her."

Schwabacher's Landing, Grand Teton National Park

Moulton Bar, Mormon Row, Grand Teton National Park

Snow King Resort, Jackson, WY

Hayden's Post, Snow King Resort, Jackson, WY

Handfire Pizza, Jackson, WY


Roadhouse Brewery, Jackson, WY

Lucca Truck, Jackson WY

The Kitchen, Jackson, WY

Trail Creek Ranch, Jackson, WY


Jackson Lake Lodge, Grand Teton National Park

Groom, "Thank you so much for helping us put together a rockstar wedding. It was more than we could have hoped for and we are over the moon with how amazing everything turned out."

Bride, "Thank you for being such a badass, Kjera!!! You perfectly nailed my vision. Thanks for everything!'


The Lift, Jackson, WY

Jackson Hole Rodeo

Diamond Cross Ranch, Moran, WY 

"Our dear Kjera! Kjera was my buoy while planning a wedding from across the country. When I had no idea where to start, she did . When I wasn't sure what to tackle next, she did. When I didn't know which vendor to choose from, she did. She always led us in the right direction. She understood our vision, even when I couldn't find the words to describe it, and she brought that vision to life effortlessly. Actually, it was all better than I had imagined. Her attention to detail, local connections, calming presence, personal investment in your day and her genuine love and excitement for weddings are just stunning. These are all the things that made me feel at ease when I was overwhelmed, 2,000 and some miles away. 

Kjera is one of the most kind and genuine souls you will ever have the chance to know. Our entire wedding adored her. We all wanted her to be our best friend! Once you meet her, you'll understand why. Not one moment of our wedding would have been possible without her. There aren't enough ways to say "thank you" for all she did for us. 

Kjera, you have a true gift. And we are so grateful that you shared it with us!" 


Jackson Lake Lodge, Grand Teton National Park

"THANK YOU. You are truly amazing and helped make our wedding run so smoothly."


Jackson Lake Lodge, Grand Teton National Park

"Thank you so very much for all your help on our wedding day. You kept us calm and if there were any fires you had to put out, we have no idea about them, so thank you for that as well. Everyone was raving about you and how wonderful things were."

olivia + patrick

Moosehead Ranch, Grand Teton National Park

The Hatchet, Moran, WY

Dornan's Chuckwagon, Moose, WY

alicia + wade

Moosecreek Ranch, Victor, ID

maureen + keith

Schwabacher's Landing, Grand Teton National Park

Calico, Wilson, WY

The Bird, Jackson, WY

Triangle X Float Trips, Jackson, WY

Wildlife Expeditions, Jackson, WY

"Thank you!!! Everyone feels like you are part of our family."

kristin + steven

Jackson Hole Winery, Jackson, WY

String Lake, Grand Teton National Park

Snow King Hotel, Jackson, WY

"Thank you so much Kjera! You were so awesome.  The wedding was so much fun:)"

kjera + josh

Pizzeria Caldera, Jackson, WY

The R Park, Wilson, WY

The Bird, Jackson, WY

"The best wedding party ever."

taylor + travis

First Baptist Chuch, Jackson, WY

The R Park, Wilson, WY

Calico, Wilson, WY

"I'm so happy you helped us with our big day! Thank you putting in so much time and effort to make our wedding fun and stress-free! You have such a great eye for decorating and party planning and did a great job with with our budget. I'm confident we will have a great wedding day!"

nan + john

The Wedding Tree, Kelly, WY

The Granary at Spring Creek, Jackson, WY

"Thank you Kjera! We loved working with you and getting to know you! You did an amazing job, took such good care of us."

emily + jb

The Spur, Teton Village, WY

The Q/Roadhouse Brewing, Wilson, WY

The Couloir/Jackson Hole Moutain Resort, Teton Village, WY

From the mother-of-the-bride, "The beautiful and flawless wedding for Emily and JB could not have been executed more perfectly, and your work and attention to endless details made this possible. Thank you so very much! It was not just your skill at managing all the many pieces that go into putting on an event like this, but also your wonderful personality and gentle way of doing things— seemingly with little effort. I don’t’ think there was anything you could not find a solution to, when one was needed! Speaking for the whole family, thank you so very much. It was a personal pleasure meeting you and working with you."


From the step-mother-of-the-bride, "Emily and JB's wedding was wonderful in every way! The venue, food, flowers,music, lighting but most importantly the love that was in the room. I know how much hard work and planning went into making it all happen and appear easy. Thank you for all your hard work and for your level head!"


katie + josh

Teton Club, Teton Village, WY

Hotel Terra, Teton Village, WY

"AWESOME wedding! It was so nice to have Kjera keeping us in mind all day. Plus, she's so good at it!"


erin + andy

Private property, Wilson, WY

"Thank you so much for all your support with our wedding! From the questions and details that we would have missed to the mason jars and day of--you helped our wedding go off without a hitch, and we are so grateful!"


emily + brian

Private property, Jackson, WY


andrea + matt

Alpine House, Jackson, WY

Snake River Sporting Club, Hoback, WY

“We can’t thank you enough for your help and guidance throughout this process. Thanks for making this experience so special.”


jamie + brad

Phil Baux Park, Jackson, WY

Dornan’s Chuckwagon, Moose, WY

Diamond Cross Ranch, Moran, WY

“I can’t tell you how grateful we are for everything you did for us over the past few weeks! You were such a warm, kind and friendly presence and man, could you get things done! My whole family adored you and we had so much fun with you! You made me feel calm and peaceful—for which I am truly grateful. You did an amazing job! Love you!


jo + jer

Private home, Wilson, WY

Diamond Cross Ranch, Moran, WY

Dornan’s Chuckwagon, Moose, WY


amy + james

Trail Creek Ranch, Wilson, WY


christina + chris

Private ranch, Wilson, WY

“Kjera was my ‘Wedding Doula’!”


nina + brian

Center for the Arts, Jackson, WY


terri + darren

 Salt Lake City, UT


elise + nick

Teton Science Schools, Kelly, WY

Dornan’s Chuckwagon, Moose, WY


sara + kevin

Moab, UT


lisa + jon

Mangy Moose, Teton Village, WY

Teton Science Schools, Kelly, WY

“Kjera made our wedding day, the day of our dreams.  There were a number of things that went wrong that I learned about days after the wedding.  My groom and I were able to relax and enjoy our day because we knew we had Kjera's support, energy, creativity and problem solving skills.  She handled all the mini-crisis with ease and professionalism.  Kjera took the time to get to know my family and other VIP guests.  She took the time to check in with guests to make sure they were doing OK and to see if there was anything they needed.  Kjera was with me every step of my planning process.  We would meet and talk things through.  She thought of things that I did not.  Her experience and creativity were a huge assent to our wedding process.  Kjera was very good at giving advice and recommendations in a non-confrontational way.  She is not pushy.  She is very respectful.  She took the time to get to know me and my groom.  She helped us create a vision for our day that reflected our values.  My guests commented on the community feel of our wedding day.  Kjera was a huge part of that.  She got to the site very early to make sure everything was all set.  She took all of our linens and used them in ways I did not think of.  Our tent looked fabulous.  Kjera has such great positive energy.  She is so much fun to be around and very approachable.  This is an important quality.  She is very organized and extremely detail oriented.  She built relationships with my vendors.  She is very hard working.  She cleaned up the site making sure everything was where it needed to be.  She helped me create a very thought out detailed timeline.  I forgot about all the details because Kjera made them happen.  Kjera came to the rehearsal dinner so that she could meet all of our key players.  She loves weddings.  She rejuvenated my spirits when I was sick of all the planning.  There were so many pieces of advice that she shared that really made a huge difference.  I highly recommend any bride and groom to work with Kjera in their wedding planning process.” 

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